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Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist Can Transform Your Smile

For those who want their smile to look it’s very best

Cosmetic dentistry is any procedure that will enhance one's smile, and can dramatically improve a person’s appearance and confidence. Today's most sought-after cosmetic dentistry services can meet a variety of needs, and some even have reconstructive benefits.

As your Las Vegas cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mohtashami will work with you to develop a completely personalized treatment plan for your smile. That plan could involve whitening stained teeth, or it might focus on replacing unattractive silver fillings with tooth-colored fillings made of resin. Gum recontouring and metal-free crowns are two more services that might be considered. All in all, the team at All Bright Dental can do whatever it takes to give you the smile of your dreams.

Achieve a Full Smile Makeover

Sometimes, to truly transform a smile, more than one service may be needed. This is what's known as a smile makeover. It combines multiple cosmetic services to achieve the goal of creating a whiter, straighter, more beautiful smile. A smile makeover is similar to a full-mouth reconstruction. In a full-mouth reconstruction, the appearance and health of every tooth is considered. Some of the services we offer at All Bright Dental are more suited to one of these than the other, but they all come with impressive cosmetic benefits.

Brightening Smiles with Zoom! Whitening

In only an hour, your image can be transformed to give you a whiter, brighter smile. At our office, we use Zoom! Whitening to make your teeth truly shine. When you come to see us, you’ll not only receive the in-office treatment, but we’ll also fit custom bleaching trays to your bite so you can touch up your smile at home. The professional-grade at-home solution will help maintain your new smile for several months.

Below shows an example of the before and after shots of a Zoom! Whitening treatment.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most comprehensive cosmetic treatments available today. With just one procedure, you can instantly whiten your teeth, fix chips and cracks, close large gaps, and even make teeth appear straighter. They are extremely thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth and are practically their own smile makeover. You can get them in just 2-3 visits, and with proper oral hygiene, they can easily last for decades.

Crown Lengthening

So much emphasis is placed on the teeth that most people forget the gums play a large part in a smile’s overall look as well. A smile with too much gum tissue can make the teeth appear short and stubby. With crown lengthening, your doctor can painlessly remove excess gum tissue to expose more of your natural teeth and give you a balanced smile. In many cases, crown lengthening is needed before the application of porcelain veneers.

Schedule Your Cosmetic Consultation

Transforming your smile begins with a consultation. Call us or click here to e-mail us and schedule your comprehensive smile makeover assessment. During your consultation, Dr. Mohtashami can answer any questions you might have, in addition to explaining which services are right for you. Together, we'll create a smile you can be proud of.